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Kay loves her new town and wants to contribute her educational background, skills, and professional experience to it. Kay's running for office offers the opportunity to get to know you, her neighbors, build greater community, and to become part of the solution to issues as they arise. Please see below for Kay's 5 main issues and several of her ideas for each on ways to begin addressing them...



Building Community:

Quarantine has left many Cotati residents feeling isolated and disconnected from each other. As the city comes back to life (with Farmers' Markets, festivals, and other community gatherings returning to in-person meetings), I look forward to cultivating opportunities for community building.

One of Kay's Ideas: Let's celebrate our community by flying banners of Cotati’s high school graduates across Cotati’s downtown (like they do in Healdsburg). Let's hold regular listening sessions for residents to share with Kay how they're doing: to celebrate what's working and to directly address what's not.

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Balancing Affordable Housing with Maintaining Rural Small Town:

Kay loves the small town, rural character of Cotati and wants to balance that with providing affordable housing for the folks who make Cotati such an amazing place to be. We need to ensure laborers and service workers, teachers, fire fighters, and health care providers have access to affordable places to live here in Cotati, or we'll lose the foundation of our city's success.

One of Kay's Ideas: Let's build affordable housing with rural appeal such as smaller housing with greater common areas for gardening, native habitat preservation, and with architecture in-line with Cotati's well-established character.

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Supporting Local Business:

Local business is what provides jobs for local people, food, entertainment, and community building in our town. Supporting local organizations that are struggling, supports the community.

One of Kay's Ideas: Where in town might we create a community meeting space? Might one of the many vacant buildings be repurposed as a library, community space, or even artist/makers' space?

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Environmental Conservation & Emergency Preparation:

Preserving the rural, natural beauty of Cotati is one of Kay's highest priorities. Should she be elected, she would want to advocate for the planting and cultivation of native plants and for creating habitats for the native species of our area. Native plants require less water and maintenance contributing to both water and natural habitat conservation. They're also fire-resistant due to the controlled burns of the past.

One of Kay's Ideas: When landscaping new or updating existing city plots, use native plants and trees to save tax payers' dollars while contributing to Cotati's natural beauty. To further reduce fire danger, collaborate with our region's Native People to learn about how to safely engage controlled burns.

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As a mother of mixed children, and the wife of a black woman, anti-racism is personal to Kay. Racial profiling, unconscious bias, and making assumptions about people based on their belonging to groups one does not, is unacceptable to Kay. She will confront this whenever she encounters it: whether in police or in city officials.

One of Kay's Ideas: Kay has developed and delivered "Dismantling White Supremacy" workshops and would support delivering it to City Council members, to city leadership, and to its employees. Facilitated discussions on what's working well and what could be improved, can dramatically shift one's approach, especially when followed up and followed through...

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